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Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers can be considered a first aid device and may be the difference between early extinguishing of a small fire before it takes hold, and a devastating fire. 

Of course, for these devices to be effective, proper sourcing, provision, maintenance and training is required. 

Our BAFE qualified technicians can assist in meeting all of the previously mentioned requirements as well as assisting in associated matters such as 'PAT testing', health & safety and training.

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  • Commissioning of new extinguishers and fire blankets

  • Fixing and/or provision of stands where required

  • Advice 

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  • BAFE qualified technicians

  • Survey as standard

  • Servicing of extinguishers to BS 5306 and fire blankets serviced to CoP for BS EN 1869

  • Report and certificate as standard

  • Packages available

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We offer fire awareness and fire warden courses as well as a host of other related training. 

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