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Food Hygiene

Effective food hygiene management is not a choice for food businesses. Not only is there a raft of legal and technical rules to observe, but customers are increasingly aware of, and interested in, food safety and hygiene and are making informed choices about where they choose to eat and purchase from.

This has arguably been partly due to the introduction of the 'Scores on the Doors' scheme, but there has undoubtedly been an increased media interest and coverage of food safety and hygiene.

Food business operators must be able to demonstrate that they are managing food hygiene and safety effectively and evidence this to both avoid enforcement action and maintain their reputation in the current challenging environment.

Our services include:

  • New business assistance and set up

  • Ad-hoc advice and assistance

  • Inspection services; review your business' performance and exposure to risk of enforcement action and identify hazards and risks

  • Advice and coaching to maintain and improve your hygiene rating and 'Scores on the Doors' star rating

  • Accredited and bespoke training available

Our packages can include food hygiene services alongside other business services for better value.

Our Service

Our EHORB registered Environmental Health Practitioners (EHP/EHO) are able to provide ad-hoc and ongoing support services that are essential to correctly maintaining a food hygiene and safety programme.

Additionally, we are committed to continual improvement by gaining additional skills, knowledge and experience in fields relative to food, technology, hygiene and safety to further support our clients. More than just 'standard' professional development, our officers seek to gain real food industry knowledge and experience and this has included quite a range from coffee roasting to foraging berries in the Arctic!

Why not take advantage of one of our tailored packages to cover your food hygiene and other business needs in one place?

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