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Orange Package

Packages regardless of your size and shape!

Our aim is simple: To provide businesses with a one stop shop for their specific compliance needs.  We offer tailored packages suited to the individual needs of the business.


Sourcing individual services can often be frustrating; minimum unit charges, separate call out charges and jobs that are deemed 'too small' can all add to the stress of managing compliance. 

That is why we offer tailored packages; unique to you, that include what you need for your specific circumstances. 

Our packages often include free training for nominated staff, for example if the package includes 'PAT testing', we can provide a number of staff with essential 'user check' training.

This translates to additional value and layers of protection for your business and can result in a reduction in likelihood of enforcement action and/or claims being made.


There are also advantages to consolidating of services, from tracking and control to a standardised way of recording and presenting evidence of compliance; we aim to make this as simple and stress free as possible.

How it works

It starts with a no obligation chat! Not sure what you need? No problem, we can advise on suitable elements for your business and you select them as you wish to form a package of measures. 

This may be for a specific area such as training; an example may be a rolling programme of food hygiene, fire or health & safety training for staff or a combination. Equally, it can be tailored to a type of business environment such as an office safety package where you may wish to include health & safety training, DSE assessment, PAT testing and fire door inspection services.

The advantages

You can select as few or as many elements as you like within a package; we explain why we think you need them and you may choose to add at a later date.

Select a suite of services and save. Rather than source services individually, where you may be charged a minimum (for example ten fire doors even if you only have two doors), why not combine services where smaller number services can be combined? 

Qualifying packages also offer flexible payment options to help spread the cost over the lifetime of the contract. Additionally, they include free training (depending on type of package) so that you and your staff are confident in the how and why of compliance.

With our breadth of services and expertise, this can be cost effective for business; like employing a range of professionals from an EHP to service technicians at a fraction of a cost of a full time employee.

All packages include comprehensive advisory reports and associated certificates (where applicable) for each element and this includes advice on  evidencing your measures.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at possible applications below.


It can be a headache to juggle the training needs of your staff within the wider context of managing your business. Training staff to a high level only to have them leave or suffer long term sickness can compound the frustration. 

Our training courses can be added to a package as can ongoing flexible staff training options such as 

Food Hygiene

Perhaps you require advice on achieving or maintaining a five star food hygiene rating, have staff training to consider but also have a small number of  fire doors and/or extinguishers that need servicing.

We can create a scheduled package that means all of these items can be taken care of consistently and coherently linked

Small businesses

One particular advantage that packages offer to smaller businesses is the access to a range of professional services at better value than sourcing each service individually. Instead of engaging a number of specialists separately, a package means you have access to the same skills and knowledge as a group in a great value package.

Larger or multi-site businesses

Larger business and/or multi-site premises may find our packages advantageous. For example, having a single package but splitting services across two sites.

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