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Hidden dangers...

Tiger (Panthera tigris)


Why bother managing health & safety, food hygiene and fire safety at all?

This may seem a rhetorical question but there are many reasons to do so. These reasons are often said to fall under the banners of legal, moral and economic.

Compliance is often thought as sitting under the legal banner yet, getting this right can have positive effects on moral and economic factors also; for example:

  • Improved staff morale and less lost time through illness and injury;

  • Repeat custom through a positive reputation and image;

  • Reduction in waste, time and materials

  • Improved processes, systems and procedures 

  • Money and resources saved through avoidance of undesirable events, fines, claims etc


Aside from physical hazards that can lead to accidents for example, there are many hidden dangers for businesses that are not so obvious. How you manage risks, hazards and compliance and how you evidence this can have profound implications not only on the likelihood of a negative event occurring, but also on your exposure to legal action; regardless of any negative event occurring.

Why Meech Consulting?

Our inspectors have many years of experience as lead enforcement officers in local authority and private industry. Having been involved in the investigative process as well as conducting prosecutions and acting in defence, we understand what a business needs in place to not only avoid enforcement action, but the wide ranging benefits of getting compliance right.


Peace of mind

We ensure that not only are our inspectors fully qualified and experienced, but that they continue learning through a combination of continuing professional development for professional institutes and memberships. We welcome requests from clients to verify our qualification and experience histories.

With backgrounds in law enforcement, all of our inspectors have a working legal knowledge and are enhanced criminal record bureau (CRB) checked.

Our range

In addition to our depth of experience, we offer a range of  complimentary services that can be tailored to your particular circumstances. Having an integrated approach enables us to recognise where one regime may conflict with another (for example a proposed safety measure having a negative impact on a food hygiene process).

Regardless of the size of business, we can help in bringing these services together in a convenient and cost effective package or as stand alone services.


Our packages can provide value for businesses who have a number of matters they wish to address, but would otherwise face sourcing individual services often with minimal unit charges.

For example, a small café with two fire doors and three fire extinguishers looking to improve their star rating, may need to engage three different contractors for the works, may have to pay a premium for the small number of doors and/or extinguishers and then make arrangements for three different contractors!

The advantage of such a package is that all required services can be included regardless of quantity and scheduled easily.

Regardless of whether you choose one service or a package, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience of our professionals for the fraction of a cost of employing a full time specialist (or specialists!)

Our approach

Our focus is on effective and practical measures that build a compliance profile and history that inspires confidence in enforcement agencies and customers alike. 

We do not believe there are silly questions and hope to foster an easy dialogue with clients and whilst we recognise the potential value of technology, you will certainly speak to a human rather than a computer. Though we have some exciting digital products, approaches and future developments, these are carefully curated and never at the expense of the human experience.

In addition, we ensure that you and your staff are familiar and comfortable with the various elements of our service so that you know why we are suggesting a particular course of action.


We aim to provide businesses with what they need, when they need it whether this be single services or a tailored package. We also know that plans change and, where possible we try to accommodate requests that require flexibility, be that payment terms or out of office hours works. 

Continued improvement

Committed to continued improvement and learning, we aim to pass this knowledge and experience directly to your business as though you had additional skilled staff, without the cost of employing a team of specialists full time.

Aside from professional development commitments, we seek out unique knowledge and experiences in the fields that we specialise in to constantly improve the quality of our services. For example, this has included food inspectors foraging berries in the arctic through to coffee roasting!

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