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Extinguisher supply, commissioning & servicing

Extinguishers & fire blankets

  • Supply and/or commission for fire extinguishers and fire blankets

  • Annual servicing to BS 5306 for extinguishers and to CoP for BS EN 1869 for fire blankets

  • Comprehensive report and certificates included

  • Assistance with evidencing and recording requirements

  • Free extinguisher monitoring check training for nominated staff with qualifying purchases 

  • Fire awareness and fire warden training available

  • Can be part of a package for added value

  • Unsure what you need? Contact us today for a no obligation chat.

Our Service

Extinguishers and fire blankets are an important part of your fire safety defence. They have the ability to turn a truly disastrous situation into a learning exercise. However, simply purchasing an extinguisher or blanket will not make this so.

In order to be effective, you must ensure that you source, commission, locate and maintain such equipment correctly. In addition, you and your employees must have sufficient knowledge and training to use and regularly monitor them effectively. Aside from being a legal requirement, taking proactive steps in this regard should be a decision that doesn't require much thought!

Our BAFE qualified technicians are ready to assist you in all aspects of fire extinguisher commission and maintenance, whether this is simply servicing or if you would like to take advantage of our great value packages. Contact us with your requirements.

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