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Other foods

Do you know your onions!? How about your Sapodilla or Tamarillo? This course is suitable for all with an interest in fruits,vegetables, spices etc, but is specifically designed for both student and practicing EHP's who want to build or refresh their identification skills with a range of 'other foods'. 

Image by Utsman Media

Sapodilla (Manilkara zapota) 

Along with the need for EHP's to recognise food hygiene and safety hazards and keeping up to date with food technology, processes and legislation, there is the additional need to be able to identify foods that they may encounter during inspections.

Current and ongoing trends such as 'plant based diets' continue to drive the increasing availability of exotic botanical produce in the UK market.  Additionally, other factors such as responsible sourcing and consumer interest in food provenance is driving the industry to look at re-discovery of older botanical food sources once widespread in the UK leading to renewed interest for example, in heritage varieties and even restaurants foraging for ingredients. 


This new and interactive course focuses on lesser known, as well as exotic and unusual fruits, vegetables, spices and other botanical curiosities that are now becoming more commonly offered to consumers.

Packed with specimens and materials, the focus of the course is on familiarisation and identification of a range of produce to build and refresh working knowledge of EHP's.

The specimens themselves will vary depending on availability, but through a combination of presentations and physical inspection of specimens, attendees will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the specimens, common usage and where they may expect to encounter them.

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