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Managing risk successfully is no small feat


Welcome to Meech Consulting, your one stop for your health & safety, food hygiene and fire compliance needs. 

Aside from everything else you do in running your business, there is the not so small matter of compliance...  Any business regardless of type and size will have obligations under health & safety and fire safety legislation, with food businesses having the additional burden of food hygiene legislation.


We aim to empower businesses to take control of their duties and build a compliance profile that inspires confidence in customers and enforcement agencies.

We do not believe that compliance is simply about  'doing what you are told' or that it should be a burden. In fact, when managed correctly, it can have many business benefits, which may include:

  • Reduced ill health and lost work days 

  • Improved staff morale

  • Improved customer perception

  • Reduced cost and wastage

  • Improved systems and ways of working

Of course, there are also benefits relating to the traditional view; a reduced likelihood of enforcement action including prosecutions and fines, civil claims and bad publicity. Our aim is to help you realise the positive benefits and avoid the negative.


Whether you require a one-off service, retained assistance or a tailored package of solutions, our fully qualified, experienced and enhanced DBS checked inspectors can help you take control of your health & safety, food hygiene and fire responsibilities.

Unsure of what you need?  Contact us today for a no obligation chat.



With flexible payment options and free, or 'as standard' services included in qualifying packages, why not call today?

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